2005 Trip to Germany
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Our little group consisted of the following:  Don & Pauline Willis, Lyn McIntosh and her sister Wendy, Ann Taylor, Shirley Taylor (not related), Michelle Walden, Judith and Irene Hayton.  On behalf of all of us, I would like to thank Don for organizing this trip – it was unbelievable and he did a fantastic job when you consider that he had no idea what we would actually like to see but he planned it perfectly. 

Well the fun began even before leaving Australia.  Going through the airport I seemed to attract the attention of security.  Every time I went through the walk through barrier it beeped at me so they pulled me aside to be scanned, then I was targeted for a spot check for powder testing so I was a bundle of nerves even before I got on the plane.  There was a bit of humour to it all but I wouldn’t like to go through that too many times.

The plane trip was long but we all made the most of it.  They had in-house movies on every seat so you could take your pick of what you wanted to watch.  We tried to do the right thing and get up and walk around, last thing anyone needed was DVT. 

keeping up fluids to decrease possibility of DVT

We had a stop over in Singapore and it was a bit of a worry because two of our party was coming in from Melbourne (Shirley & Ann) and their flight was delayed, whereas the rest of us departed from Brisbane.  They made it on time but poor Ann Taylor didn’t even have time to have a cigarette between flights so if she was thinking about giving up smoking that would have been a good start for her.  On arrival in Frankfurt on Saturday 27th August, we had to pick up our vehicles.  It had been arranged that we have two people mover vehicles as there was 9 of us plus all of our luggage.  Just as well Don Willis knew where we were going because we were able to follow the leader. 

Our first event was to visit a schutzhund training ground at Vernheim which is also where the kennels of Wienerau and Arminius are located.  They were not training when we arrived so we just sat around being sociable and having a drink. 

We then spotted a young lad playing with a puppy so we went over to talk to him.  The puppy was a lovely young bitch who was by Orbit Huhnegrab.  This young man was Patrick Send, whose father owns Quantum.  We found out Quantum Arminius was actually in the kennels there but we couldn’t go and see any of the dogs in the kennels.  We then drove around and spotted someone working a dog down the road and so we stopped and chatted to the people.  This stunning dog was by Zappo Arminius and had only just recently been purchased by the gentleman.  Luck was on our side because we were then told the training was going to be held that afternoon and we were invited to go and watch so it must have been fate that made us wander around the countryside checking out the kennels from the road and then see some GSD’s and stopped to talk to the owners.  The club house was opened up for us by a very friendly lady called Beata Fischer who made us feel very welcome.  This was actually the club house of the late Martin brothers.

enjoying a drink at the training ground

One of the locals we met on our afternoon stroll

Inside the club house


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