The next part of our trip was actually sight seeing, I wonít elaborate too much but will give you some snippets of our adventures.

Monday 29th August we went to Hitlerís Hunting Lodge (Eagleís Nest).  After catching two buses to get to it, the visit was an experience I was thankful I didnít miss.  When we think of the people that built it for Hitler and the work to get it built, it certainly would have been a hard task for the people.  The walk further up the mountain was exhausting as the altitude made it hard work but it certainly was worth it as it was an unbelievable view.  Thank goodness for digital cameras. 

Tuesday 30th August we went down a salt mine, now that was an experience and a half.  Our guided tour was very informative and the colours down the mine were breathtaking.  We had to go from one level to another and the way to get down to the next level was sliding down what would be described as sliding down a banister but certainly a lot more frightening.  To get down to the next level it was done in parties of three.  The first person would have had to be the bravest as the two behind had someone to hang onto.  In our group of three there was Michelle (who braved the front) followed by myself and Judith brought up the rear.  We had to lean back and lift our legs up and the gravity just took us to the next section.  Our group of three just happened to be at the tail end and everyone else had been very good, well not us, the ones that were already down the bottom learnt all about screaming because we did plenty of it.  They always say a picture tells a thousand stories; well they had cameras taking pictures, which you could purchase when you finished the tour, and our picture certainly did tell a story but it was worth it.


 In the afternoon we went on a boat trip on a lake surrounded by mountains.  The scenery was stunning Ė plenty of pictures taken on this section.  This lake is 8 klms long and totally surrounded by mountains.  The only way water gets into the lake is by rain or runoff from the mountains when it snows and the snow melts.  They certainly donít have a water problem over there as everywhere was green.  We were told that only the month before it was absolutely pouring so we were very fortunate to have such beautiful weather



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