Open classes at the Sieger Show – what a sight.  Worth going all that way to see it and I certainly wouldn’t mind going back again.  Even some of the animals in the second section of both dogs and bitches could have come out here and people would have gone chomping at the bit to own.

Open bitch winner was off course the bitch we had the pleasure of seeing the previous weekend and is a beautiful black and red bitch of super quality.   2nd place bitch would probably have given her a run for her money if she had better pigmentation.  Lovely bitch but certainly lacked saddle.  Even though she lacked colour she certainly had everything else going for her and flew like the wind.  This bitch was VA4 from the 2004 Sieger Show, Cristal della Valle dei Rovi so maybe next year it will be her turn?  There was actually another bitch that kept catching my eye and when I checked the catalogue she was also owned by the person that owned the winning bitch.  She ended up V23 but I kept thinking they must have lost her because she was lovely.  Her name is Tana des Collines du Boischaut (oh boy, what a mouthful) an Erasmus van Noort daughter.  They awarded 12 VA’s in the bitch ring and 128 Excellents.

Now Open dog, well there was only one dog in that class (not quite but the winner couldn’t be touched).  Larus von Batu outshone every other dog out there.  He was poetry in motion.  From his protection work all the way through to the end, he was the winner.  Rumours were flying around on the Saturday that he had been pulled from the event but thank goodness that is all they were – rumours.  This dog never once paced.  He was at the end of the lead the whole time and just kept going.  His off lead work was brilliant but all the off lead work was great.  One thing that amazed me was the fact that these adult males are all running around off lead together and there was no fighting.  I had to have a giggle at one time when one section of dogs were working and one dog was obviously not happy about the dog behind him being so close but the only reaction he had was the bristles going up but he kept running and didn’t falter. I believe Larus has now been sold to America.  Wow, what a catch.  In 2001 Larus was Junior Sieger, 2002 VA9, 2003 VA2, 2004 & 2005 Sieger – he has done it all.

Erasmus van Noort was actually called in 2nd but lost one place with Quantum von Arminius going into 2nd place.  Quantum is not the most stunning male I have ever seen but his place was obviously achieved because of his lovely progeny group.  Quantum is certainly making his way up, in 2003 he was awarded VA7, 2004 VA6, 2005 VA2.   Zamp vom Thermodos was a crowd pleaser.  When he passed his protection work the crowd went mad with excitement, as he had failed it the previous year.  This dog was the Intermediate Sieger from the 2003 Sieger Show.  Lovely animal and was sired by Quantum so a father and son both achieved VA.

The judge awarded 9 VA’s in the open dog class along with 150 Excellents.  Some other notable VA’s were Pakros d’ Ulmental (VA9 in 2004, SG5 in 2003 in Junior class), Marko della Valcuvia and Quenn vom Loher Weg (SG5 Intermediate class in 2004).  Off course some of the Excellent graded animals were stunning as well. V2 Ken Elzmundungsraum (SG1 Intermediate class in 2004) and V3 Bravos vom Steffen Haus (SG6 Intermediate class in 2004).  V 10 Flipp von Arlett is another beautiful dog.  You could take any of the top Excellent dogs home and have a magnificent animal.


Some beautiful animals that went through and passed the protection work but did not come back into the ring were the likes of Ghandi von Arlett.  Now what a truly magnificent animal he is.  Another stunning dog is Karat’s Ulk.  What a disaster that his breeder will not survey Ulk’s mother as the rules in Germany say that both parents have to be surveyed for a VA position.  This dog is certainly a worthy contender and apparently last year he was up in the VA section but was then put to V1 because of this.  His protection work was lovely but he will never be allowed a VA which must be extremely disheartening for his owners.  One can only assume this was why he was pulled out.

Monday 5th September, with all the buzz of the show over we caught a train back to Frankfurt and then some of us parted.  Lyn and Wendy had actually headed off for another touring holiday the day before so were already on their next section.  Don and Pauline did another week of touring so there was 5 of us going from Frankfurt to Singapore then Ann & Shirley went to Melbourne from there and Michelle, Judith and I did our section to Brisbane. 


It certainly was an experience I will never forget and am grateful that I can say I have seen some of the best GSD’s in the world.  Thanks Don for organizing it.

Irene Hayton.


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