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1st March 2009

Ando receives his Australian Champion title.

8th February 2009

Lacie goes to her first shows. 
Day 1 - Baby in Show - Judge Ms G Gulbransen (NZ)
Day 2 - Baby puppy Sweepstakes Ms G Gulbransen (NZ) and Baby in Group Mrs DJ Tyssen (NZ)

18th October 2008

Bobbie's son, Oakway Kiwi Magic, gets awarded the Silver Medal at the NZ National.


10th January 2008

Diva gets x-rayed at 2 3/4 years of age and the results come in - hips 1,3 and elbows 0,0.   To date no Popeye progeny has failed hips or elbows, hopefully his son Ando will follow in his footsteps.


23rd November 2007           

Masterton Real Mackoy C.D.X. (Saber) obtains his CDX title in style at the NSW Spring Fair. 

Saber has been to 10 trials obtaining passes in all 10.
3 out of 3 passes to gain his CCD, with one trial being a perfect 100 points out of 100.
4 out of 4 passes in CD with one score being 196
and 3 out of 3 to gain his CDX. 
What a wonderful team effort between dog and owner and all before Saber turns 2 and a half years of age.

We would like to send a huge congratulations to Alex, Carmen and Michelle, Saber's owners

15 October 2007

Bobbie and Maddie both get their Australian Championship titles.

30th June 2007

Masterton Real Mackoy (Saber) competes in his second novice trial today at the Cattle, Kelpie, Border Collie and German Shepherd Club and receives another 1st place.

19-20th May 2007

Bobbie goes to his first All Breeds shows since returning from New Zealand and takes out Best Exhibit in Show on day 1 and Best Exhibit in Group on day 2.

13th May 2007

Masterton Real Mackoy (Saber) competes in his first novice trial and receives an excellent score of 192.  Keep up the good work.

25th April 2007

Masterton Real Mackoy (Saber) receives his CCD title with the following results.  Proudly owned by Alex, Carmen and Michelle.

02/12/2006 - 100 POINTS    1ST PLACE

03/02/2007 - 96  POINTS    1ST PLACE

25/04/2007 - 94  POINTS    1ST PLACE   (VERY hard judge - 2nd place was on 89 points)

7th April 2007 - National

Bobbie received 4th in intermediate dog

5th April 2007

Bobbie goes through survey and is awarded Breed Survey Class 1 (surveyor Melanie Groth)

NZ - 3rd March 2007

Bobbie goes into open class for the 1st time after only turning two years of age the previous week and wins his class then follows it by taking out the challenge and the gold medal.  He was also given the grading of Excellent.  Well done Debbie & Garry and off course Bobbie and his handler, Victoria Hoskins.

November 2006

Spring Fair - 25th November

Ando gets 2nd in his class under UK judge Steve Cox.  He was 1st for some of the class but had no coat so paid the price and 2nd is no disgrace especially when he was beaten by another lovely puppy.

NZ National - 4th November

Bobbie gets 2nd in his class at the New Zealand National under the SV judge Herr Hans Peter Fetten with a grading of Very Good Select.  Congratulations to Debbie & Garry and off course Bobbie and his handler, Victoria Hoskins - well done Victoria and thanks for doing such a good job.

October 2006

Masterton Noble Archer (aka Bear) receives his Jumping Dog title - congratulations to Bear and Megan

October 2006

Working Dog Club 22nd October

Russell Wenham was the judge and as per normal was very good at explaining his actions on the pegs.

Both Fanto and Cracker received the grading of Excellent with Fanto being awarded Excellent 2 in open dog and Reserve Challenge and Cracker being awarded Excellent 3 in open bitch.  Thanks to Ken Hill for coming to my rescue and handing Fanto and Cracker.

Great atmosphere and Russell had a great entry.

Across the Tasman and the wild child Bobbie went to a show in NZ.  He was awarded Junior Dog, Reserve Challenge dog and Junior in Show.  Congratulations to Debbie and Garry.

October 2006

ACT German Shepherd Dog Assoc.

Ando receives Baby Puppy Dog under the SV judge, Herr Andreas Rudolph (Gmy)

September 2006

Qld State Breed Evaluation - 16th September

Ando receives Baby Sieger with a wonderful critique from the judge, Mr Louis Donald, SV.

Ando_Baby Sieger_Louis Donald SV

Fanto also did very well and received Reserve Sieger and the grading of Excellent Merit.  Fanto performed brilliantly and didn't put a foot wrong, even on the off lead he was powering.  At the end of the class he wasn't even puffing so I am pleased to say - he was very fit.

Fanto_individual_Res Sieger SBE_Louis Donald    Fanto_Res Sieger_Louis Donald-160906

The following day, three of Fanto's children went through Breed Survey and were awarded Breed Survey Cl.1.  This was a real thrill to see as they were also Barnie's grandchildren via the dam's side.

Debbar Gemma BSCL.1 Debbar Gismo BSCL.1 Debbar Grimous BSCL.1
Debbar Gemma BSCL.1 Debbar Gismo BSCL.1 Debbar Grimous BSCL.1

Sire:  Fanto    Dam: Debbar Camilia (Barnie daughter)

Congratulations to their breeder and owners.

Rhakhani Fire Cracker (owned in partnership with my sister) also gains Breed Survey Cl.1.

Rhakhani Fire Cracker Cl.1_Louis Donald_170906


3rd September 2006

Barnie, Aust. Grand Champion Crossfire Cantona, Excellent Merit National Bronze medal winner and his sister Celline, Aust. Champion Crossfire Celline Exc. Select, Australian Silver Medallist both celebrate their 10th birthday today., 3rd September.

Barnie and Celline's mother is the well known producing bitch Crossfire Caddie Shack who is in MANY top pedigrees via her sons, Karlrach Combination, Crossfire Cruise Missile and Crossfire Claim To Fame.

Barnie has been a wonderful showman in his youth. He has had numerous Best Exhibit in Shows from both the All Breed and Specialist rings and received the title of Australian GRAND Champion for his efforts.

Barnie started his show career in style getting 1st in minor puppy dog at the 1997 National and progressed his winnings by receiving the Bronze medal at the 2002 National and has received many excellent awards along the way as well as being graded excellent merit on three occasions from three opportunities to receive this grading.

The last quarter of 2004 was a rough time for Barnie being diagnosed with gastroenteritis (caused by a bowel obstruction) then within a fortnight was operated on for gastric torsion then 10 days later suffered with the symptoms of a stroke and/or cranial nerve paralysis. It has been a long fight back for Barnie with many trips to Brisbane for chiropractic/acupuncture treatment (initially every fortnight, which is over 700klm round trip) and he has his bad days.

Barnie’s show career has now finished although you would never think this as he still has to join in with training sessions for other animals and usually leads the way which is wonderful when you are trying to teach a young one. Barnie now spends a lot of his time either playing with his toys or relaxing with his other doggie friends and on occasions manages to con his owner into taking him swimming, which off course he doesn’t think she does often enough.

Here is a picture of Barnie and his friend Fanto on one of their many walks together, showing what great temperament both dogs have being introduced as adults and able to walk together in harmony.

Now Celline well and truly started her show career in style getting 1st in minor puppy bitch at the 1997 National and was also awarded Reserve Challenge bitch at that National. She was awarded Intermediate Siegerin at the 1999 NSW SB Evaluation.
Celline received the Silver medal at the 2001 National and has also been awarded the grading of Excellent Select.
What as achievement for litter brother/sister to receive the silver and bronze medals.

Celline’s best litter has been a litter where three progeny were presented for classification with all three receiving the status of Breed Survey Class 1:- Crossfire Chatos County, Cosmo and Chipsi.

Unfortunately Celline did not have many litters as she got the life threatening disease pyometra and had to be desexed.
Celline now spends all her time enjoying her retirement either sleeping or playing with the cats.

IPB Image

Happy Birthday Barnie and Celline!!

July 2006

Qld Champ show

1st Baby Puppy Dog was LaGuardia Ando Legend otherwise nick named on the weekend as the 'Bottle Baby', although this title will NOT be staying with him for life. Sire: Ch. Masterton Leica Legend x Dam: Crossfire Cinder Bella (Fanto daughter).

IPB Image

We decided to show him at the last minute after being told by all "the experts" that he was too young and giving away too much on age, being only 3 months and 1 week. It was decided to put him in for a run around anyway as it would be good practice for him, and boy did he strutt his stuff. He was a definite crowd pleaser as he carried his proplan shaker throughout the class in his mouth as with previous training experience (last weekend) it was decided that he worked better carrying something.

IPB Image
This was Ando last weekend at his one and only training session - although on Saturday we did have the maestro teaching him ringcraft - namely Barnie wth Ando following him around the witches hats.

We also got 1st in junior dog with "the wild child" Masterton Phar Lapp 'A' 'Z' {aka Bobbie}, expertly handled by Lyn McIntosh as per normal.

Bobbie showed that he can do well under International Judges and I am pointing this out to prove to those who have previously said that he only wins under face judges and also to do my normal self promotion of Fanto with a son and grandson (which Ando is).

Bobbie was called out 1st and remained there for the duration of the class. This is especially sweet this time around as Bobbie has had an injury which has kept him crated for the last 4 weeks and it was decided the morning of the show to exhibit him after getting a chiropractor and vet clearance. Because of his injury Lyn nursed him along brilliantly - many many thanks from the Masterton & Crossfire teams to Lyn for this. This was a real team effort with Judith and Michelle Walden brilliantly helping to double handle him as he obviously did not have his normal stamina.

IPB Image

Now who could forget the Veterans, with the Crossfire Gold, Silver and Bronze medalists, Crossfire Cantona 'Barnie', his litter sister Crossfire Celline and her son Crossfire Chatos County.

IPB Image

June 2006

Mia obtains her Breed Survey Class 1 status.


        April 2006

        Bobbie competes in the Temperament Test run by the RNSWCCC under the guidance of the American Temperament Test Society Inc and passes.


        March 2006

        Bobbie gets 3rd in junior class at the National (judge Herr Erich Bosl)



        February 2006

        Bobbie takes out Best Exhibit in Show under Mrs Michelle Hammond











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